The Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show

The Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show started as part of Fitch Bandwagon in 1946. Jack Benny had built an extremely strong personality around Phil Harris and Harris was a natural to have his own show. Phil had impeccable timing, as did Alice. The show expanded upon Benny’s characterization of Phil and gave a voice to Benny’s fictionalized version of his bandmate, Frankie Remley through Elliott Lewis. The show was extremely well received and ran in earnest on it’s own from 1948-1954. Alice wanted the show to translate to television as well, but Phil wouldn’t budge. He didn’t think it was possible. He might have been right about that. Some of the best gags on the show are the ones which would be just about impossible or impractical on television, but more likely than not they would have been able to make it work.

Here’s a compilation of interviews done with Alice Faye, Phil Harris, and Elliott Lewis who played Frankie Remley talking about the origins of the show and beyond.

Interviews with the Cast of the Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show

by Alice Faye, Phil Harris, Elliott Lewis | Courtesy of

Few favorite episodes. For a full list of episodes go to Jerry Haendiges Vintage Radio Logs. For more episodes, visit the page courtesy of the Old Time Radio Researchers dedicated to the show.

Title: Audition
Episode: 0
Broadcast: July 10, 1946
Duration: 34:25
Songs: Goodnight, My Love (Alice)

Fitch Bandwagon: Audition

by Phil Harris and Alice Faye | Courtesy of and the Old Time Radio Researchers

The Jack Benny Show

Title: Thanksgiving Day Dinner
Broadcast: November 23, 1941
Guests: Alice Faye, Phil Harris
Duration: 26:50

Jack Benny - Thanksgiving Day Dinner

by Alice Faye and Phil Harris | Courtesy of

Command Performance

Episode: 41
Broadcast: November 10, 1942
Guests: Jack Benny, Cass Daily
Duration: 29:28

Lux Radio Theatre

Title: Alexander’s Ragtime Band
Episode: 266
Broadcast: June 3, 1940
Ray Milland and Herbert Marshall
60 minutes

Title: Lillian Russell
Episode: 278
Broadcast: October 21, 1940
Edward Arnold and Victor Mature
60 minutes

Lux Radio Theatre - Lillian Russell

by Alice Faye | Courtesy of

Title: Vivacious Lady
Episode: 289
Broadcast: January 6, 1941
Co-stars: Don Ameche, Fred McKaye, and Verna Felton
60 minutes

Lux Radio Theatre - Vivacious Lady

by Alice Faye | Courtesy of

Title: City for Conquest
Episode: 338

Broadcast: February 9, 1942
Robert Preston, Cy Kendell, Eddie Marr
Duration: 60 minutes

Title: Hello, Frisco, Hello
Episode: 415
Broadcast: November 15, 1943
Robert Young, Eddie Marr, Truda Marson
60 minutes

Lux Radio Theatre - Hello, Frisco, Hello

by Alice Faye | Courtesy of

The Eddie Cantor Show

Episode: 66
Broadcast: December 29, 1937
Tony Martin, Deanna Durbin
60 minutes