Epically Failing Upwards

Promises, promises, right? Well, it’s been nearly three years (yikes) since the last hopeful post. I had the best intentions, but things are actually happening now. So, you’ll see lots and lots of changes and hopefully a lot more content compared to the original. We’ll see! We live in hope, right?

Check out Judy Garland and Alice Faye’s pages if you happen to be stopping by in this time of transition. Next up is Irene Dunne and Jeanette MacDonald.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday and New Year! Here’s hoping I can get most of these pages (aside from the individual film pages) up prior to Christmas. We’ll see.

New Look—New ReelJewels

Well, I promised long ago that I would fix things. I’ve honestly not had time or the energy to do so, but I’m making ReelJewels my top priority this year and I’ve  already done quite a lot. The design isn’t here yet, but the format is. There’s already new content in the form of articles and all the articles that were originally posted before but not linked are available.

Here’s to 2014—wishing you the best of health, lots of new favorite classic movies, and hope you enjoy the new content waiting to be found here.

I’ll start you off here: http://reeljewels.com/articles—or conveniently, I’ve tucked the articles feed right under this post.

Marriage Is a Laughing Matter

by Ruth Waterbury
August 1938

The Gene Raymonds have successfully hurdled that first year of matrimony—that supposedly awful, awful first year. This is how they did it!

It was suddenly quiet in the Raymond-MacDonald living room as we all stopped to catch our breaths from laughing. That was what gave me the hunch.

“You two have been married almost a year now, haven’t you?” I asked.

“Lacking exactly twenty-seven days, four hours and nine minutes.” said Gene.

“And you are still laughing all the time?” They obliged by laughing again and nodded their heads in assent.

“What about laughter as n basis for a perfect marriage?” I persisted.

“Would you be making a noise like an interviewer?” Gene demanded.

“Well, why not? I might as well admit that I was pretty suspicious of all that sweetness and light published about you two a little over a year ago just before you were married. You sounded simply too happy to be true; but, after all, no people in your position stay married unless they really have a good time of it.