Daddy Long Legs (1955)

I just borrowed this film from the library and just absolutely adored it! This musical romance that stars Fred Astaire and Leslie Caron is somewhat like a dream that you wish would happen to you. It’s much more closer to a musical romance than a musical comedy and has a great many tears but, it’s very beautiful and cute!

Jervis Pendleton (Fred Astaire) plays a rich ‘playboy’ who falls in love with a French orphan girl, Julie Andre, who he placed in a college in America. Julie Andre had never seen the face that put her in college and starts writing letters to “Daddy Long Legs” asking if he can write back or respond or give some idea of what he looks like. Jervis wants to see how well Julie is doing in college so he goes to the spring dance at the college and takes a visit to his neice who is roomates with Julie. Jervis dances with Julie and soon he finds he is in love with her. Julie doesn’t discover that Jervis is daddy long legs until the end of the film and personally, I think that’s the best part!

I think that any musical fan would love this film, it’s got some really great music and songs like Somethin’s Gotta Give (which won an academy award). Fred’s dancing is wonderful and as always, enjoyable to watch. Leslie certainly shows her talent too, she dances quite a lot in this film and she has never been more beautiful and wonderful than in this. I do warn you that if you watch this film, don’t forget the tissue box! You can order this on DVD at or of course check out the used and new DVDs. I really recommend this to all and I hope you take a glance at it!