Don Ameche


Screen Album
Summer 1937

WHEN you hear that Don Ameche attended four universities, you immediately think, “Whew! What an educated gent!” And just before you visualize pictures of him completely surrounded by cap and gown, sheepskin, et al, he’ll up and tell you that he didn’t graduate from one of them. Don had the desire for book larnin’, but he jest nat’urally weren’t a scholar.

Seriously, this handsome lad’s eyes were on the stage from the first time he attended a play and was old enough to realize what it was all about. When he actually got his chance in 1928, he came through with flying colors. It seems that the leading man of the local stock company was featured in a motor smashup. Who to get at the last moment, for—you know the good old theatrical slogan—the show must go on! Someone thought of Ameche and with only four hours to learn a lengthy, difficult role, Don scored.