Eleanor Powell


Screen Album
Spring 1937

ELEANOR POWELL has a way of winning every tap dancing contest she puts her toe into. In fact, she’s been female champ for four years now. And it is surely an honest-to-goodness fair contest, for the judges sit under the stage and listen to the tap routines. In this way, beauty, personality or both don’t count—just fine and accurate stepping.


Dancing Lady

by Regina Cannon
Modern Screen
November 1938


Unaffected and unspoiled, you’ll like Eleanor Powell

“AND BELIEVE it or not,” Eleanor Powell rushed on breathlessly, “I play a part. I speak lines. In fact, I play two parts; you see, it’s dual personality business!”

Miss Powell, in case we’ve jumped you, is featured in “Broadway Melody of 1936.” Miss Powell is the twenty-year-old dancing sensation of New York night clubs and musical comedies. Miss Powell has been adjudged the world’s greatest feminine tap dancer by the Dancing Masters of America. And yet. that which principally interests Miss Powell is that she has lines to speak! ‘Twas ever thus, we suppose, since the time the clown wanted to play Hamlet and the millionaire’s son had designs on driving a taxi. (more…)

Eleanor Powell Will Quit Dancing Career For Family

September 10, 1948

Eleanor Powell, $5,000 a week dancing star, will quit her career for her family.“I’d love to have another child,” she said. “I’d be ashamed to tell you how many more I want. I love children.”The wife of actor Glenn Ford, she said she is not expecting a child now. They have a son, Peter, three and a half months old.

Miss Powell said a 10-week night club tour across the country in the near future will be her last.

She wants to do one more film dance part “to see how I look in color” and show at London’s Palladium next spring before retirement.