Ginger’s Getting Nowhere Fast

by Kay Proctor
Modern Screen
May 1939


Without plan or purpose, she trips along and gives no thought to to-morrow

THE NEXT time an ambitious mother of a dancing daughter points to Ginger Rogers to prove the sterling truth of the copy-book maxim about goals and hitching your wagon to a star, she had better check up on her facts.

Ginger never set herself a great or distant goal to achieve. She still hasn’t got one. In a way she waits for the goals to come to her. That’s rather amazing when you consider all she has achieved. And certainly it is unorthodox! (more…)

Fred And Ginger Teach You the Piccolino

Modern Screen
October 1935


WANT to startle your home town with the biggest dance sensation in seasons? If you do, you have a chance with this preview of Ginger Rogers’ and Fred Astaire’s most exciting dance from “Top Hat”—they specially posed their “Piccolino” steps for you in a modified ballroom version that is easy to learn but exciting to dance. Here goes! (more…)