What America Means To Me

by Jane Powell
Motion Picture Magazine
July 3, 1955

America–being an American–is something I’ve been taking for granted most of my life. Perhaps that’s one of the secrets of it’s greatness, that we aren’t forced to think consciously of our country first, ourselves second. For it’s the individual who is considered important here; and from healthy, happy, self-reliant individuals, good citizens are formed to create a free, vital nation unique in its optimism, enterprising spirit, and deep faith that tomorrow will be even brighter than today. Fear? How can we even be afraid of the dark when we live in the light of opportunity, and laughter is spontaneous, like music! (more…)

What It’s Like To Dance With Fred Astaire

by Jane Powell
October 23, 1950

Since I’ve had the experience of dancing with Fred Astaire in MGM’s ROYAL WEDDING, I know what it is like to work with a champion, an something about what it takes to make a champion.

This doesn’t make me a champion, nor necessarily, even an expert dancer. But since I worked with Fred I feel I know what a person must do if he hopes to become really good in any line of work.

Being cast with Fred is an experience that falls into three rather definite parts. First, there is anticipation; second, the rehearsals, and third, the actual shooting. Each of these experiences is very different from the others. (more…)