A Star At Home

by Babs Carter
Submitted by milesadrift

She’s radiant . . . She’s a woman loved and loving . . . She’s a mother . . . She’s a star . . . She’s Rita Hayworth Welles . . .


YOU drive west from Hollywood, out Sunset, past Bel Air, out the long winding road past UCLA, on up the hills and down, and finally you come to pretty tree-lined Cannelina Street. Hopefully you scan the numbers on the gates. You are looking for La Hacienda de la Senora Orson Welles, professionally known as Senorita Rita Hayworth. For you have a date and a welcome there, you know.


Why Vic Will Never Forget Rita

by Daphne McVicker
Modern Screen
December 1942


Out of a jungle of nightclubs with too much praise, too little love, he found a candle at a window

Vic Mature lounged onto the set and stared at the girl they’d picked for him to kick around in this script.

“My God,” someone whispered. “What a gorgeous combination. Add up a couple of beautiful humans like that—Vic Mature and Rita Hayworth. What if—” (more…)

Exciting Woman


by Charles Vidor
August 1941

Days to remember from an ace director about a redhead the marquees call Rita Hayworth and whom he calls “all emotion”

RITA HAYWORTH has to work with other directors. I have to work with other stars. Therefore it is, I suppose, very indiscreet of me to say that she is my favorite star—and I hope I am her favorite director. But that is what she is and that is what I hope I am.

I regard Rita as one of the most beautiful, one of the most talented, and one of the sweetest of human beings. We have made three pictures together so far—her first essay into real acting, “The Lady in Question” in 1940, and her two top hits, “Cover Girl” and “Gilda.” Personally, I wish we were going to make another thirty together. (more…)

Rita Hayworth


Screen Album
Fall 1943

“OH, sure, I chuck her in a trunk and saw her U. football team in Albuquerque. Voted No. 1in half!” barks Orson Welles flicking a thumb in Rita Hayworth’s direction. “Wanta see me do it?” A thousand hollers rise from the G.I. audience down front as the mirrors start chopping the lovely chassis in two. And what about the night the signals got mixed! She forgot the combination unlocking the trunk from the inside and was scrunched up in a tight ball for hours while the genius frantically raced around backstage trying to conjure up the keys! (more…)