Five Hollywood Daughters and a Prayer

How The Lane Sisters Rose to Fame
Their devoted mother tells all. A blithe, moving saga of struggle and success.
by Cora B. Lane
March 15, 1939

At seventeen, when I was working on my brother’s newspaper in Indiana, I had one ambition: To become a big-city reporter. So I married and became a small-town housewife. In the course of time, mother of five girls: Leota, Martha, Lola, Rosemary, and Priscilla.

“If you’d just adopt four children,” Rosemary suggested hopefully once, very hopefully, “we’d have a baseball team!”


Five Mullicans, How They Grew

Told by Cora Mullican (their mother)
The Springfield Sunday Union and Republican
July 2, 1939

Lane Sisters Advanced With Advice, Encouragement and Determination of Their Courageous Mother

Hollywood, July 1–(AP)–The Lane girls grew up, with the counsel and encouragement and skimping of their courageous mother.

Only a mother who has reared a family of five girls in a small mid-western town can understand the courage it takes to face the spoken and implied ridicule of the neighbors and the disapproval of the husband and father, when those girls, with their mother’s blessing, leave home in peruit of theatrical careers.