Screen Album
Spring 1937

ELEANOR POWELL has a way of winning every tap dancing contest she puts her toe into. In fact, she’s been female champ for four years now. And it is surely an honest-to-goodness fair contest, for the judges sit under the stage and listen to the tap routines. In this way, beauty, personality or both don’t count—just fine and accurate stepping.

Eleanor’s danced as long as she can remember. Started in a night club in Atlantic City when she was a mere youngster and taught other youngsters during the day in order to pay for ballet lessons. She and Fred Astaire are probably the only two all-around dancers on the screen, for they know all branches of the art of terpsichore. How’s that? That accounts for their beautiful body movement as well as their precision in tapping.

You’ll be seeing her in “Broadway Melody of 1938.”