Modern Screen
October 1935


WANT to startle your home town with the biggest dance sensation in seasons? If you do, you have a chance with this preview of Ginger Rogers’ and Fred Astaire’s most exciting dance from “Top Hat”—they specially posed their “Piccolino” steps for you in a modified ballroom version that is easy to learn but exciting to dance. Here goes!

(1) The beginning. On the vamp of the music the partners do individual turns to right swinging into ballroom position.

(2) The Piccolino Step. This is the key step of the dance and the essence of this ballroom version. Step with the right foot to the right and then back to the original position, to the count of one-two. Then to a one-two-three count, take three steps to the right, finishing with both feet together. Repeat exactly the same combination of steps to the left, leading with the left foot. Repeat the whole four times, alternating the right and left combinations.

(3) The dip kick. Partners separate to a vamp in the music, step with the left foot, dip and lightly kick the floor with the right foot in the rear. Then step with the right foot, dip and kick the floor with the left. Repeat the com- bination twice and step back to ballroom position.

(4) The Piccolino Box—repeat the Piccolino Step, as described above, four times only this time doing a complete box.

(5-6) The Piccolino Whirl—repeat the step, dip, kick combination, described above, twice. The girl then stands still while the man takes three steps around her, starting with his right foot. The man then stands still, as the girl steps around him. Repeat three times, alter- nating man and girl. On the man’s last turn he catches the girl in ballroom posi- tion and they both do a complete turn.

(7) Man takes girl’s right hand in his. Partners do small steps, starting with the right foot, to counts of one-two, one-two- three.

(8-9-10) The Piccolino Spin—Partners come together in ballroom position, step- ping with left foot and kicking high in back with right. Do this four times mov- ing in small circle and putting plenty of zip into it. Partners stop facing each other for one count.

(11-12) The finale—do the Piccolino Step and finish with the Piccolino Whirl in which man and girl alternately step around each other and end, then do turn.