Screen Album
Summer 1937

THE snappy Ginger has decided to park her dancing shoes for the time being and go in for a little serious dray-ma. And so, you’ll see her with the volatile Katharine Hepburn in “Stage Door.” Her role is indeed a “straight” one for, believe it or not, she’s to portray a movie actress. That shouldn’t be terribly difficult, should it?


Like her famous feet, Miss R. just can’t bear to stand still—professionally or otherwise—and so, she’s going to prove that she can do all right without benefit of George Gershwin tunes, Hermes Pan steps or Fred Astaire partnerships.

Ginger was all set to make “Vivacious Lady,” with Jimmy Stewart borrowed from Metro for the male lead, when the young gentleman became ill and retired to the hospital. Other names were suggested to fill his place, but none suited Miss Rogers.

Incidentally, those purported to be “in the know” do claim that Jimmy minded much more not being able to play opposite his adored one than the pain of arthritis. Now, there’s devotion for ypu! At any rate, the picture has merely been postponed—not shelved—awaiting Stewart’s recovery.

Socially, Ginger is one of Movietown’s outstanding belles. She has as many dates as a debutante and many more beaux. However, she insists that she’s not serious about men at the moment and is interested in her career only. At that, in private life, she’s still Mrs. Lew Ayres, although the pair have been separated these many months.

If Ginger has a favorite gent, it’s apt to be the veddy social Alfred Vanderbilt, for whom she threw that super-colossal skating party recently. As a matter of fact, if we must be absolutely technical, the party was one of those share-the-expense affairs. Ginger invited her friends and Al asked his. Needless to say, a grand time was had by all.

Of course, if you ask either of them, they’ll tell you in chorus. “Oh, we’re just good friends!” Well, many a good friend has wound up at the altar and this case may not be the ex- ception to prove the rule—then again, of course, it may.