Screen Album
Summer 1937

IRENE DUNNE knows that she can turn on a tune any time she wants to, and that’s probably the reason why she hasn’t been singing before the cameras lately. She realizes that the voice is always there, ready to be used if and when the right musical vehicle comes along. Meanwhile she’s turned comedienne with a vengeance and has turned out a right slick job as a laugh-inducer.

Time was when Irene would talk real rationally on any subject, but nowadays it’s hard to pin her down to a conversation other than that involving little Mary Frances, the adopted child, who has come to rule the Griffin roost. Irene and her husband, Dr. Griffin, had decided on a boy, but when they sajy the lovely blonde young lady with arms outstretched toward them, all was up!

Their new home is run on schedule to suit the newcomer. The time that Miss Dunne has “taken off” to go to the studio lately has been occupied in making “High, Wide and Handsome” with Randy Scott.