Marriage Is a Laughing Matter

by Ruth Waterbury
August 1938

The Gene Raymonds have successfully hurdled that first year of matrimony—that supposedly awful, awful first year. This is how they did it!

It was suddenly quiet in the Raymond-MacDonald living room as we all stopped to catch our breaths from laughing. That was what gave me the hunch.

“You two have been married almost a year now, haven’t you?” I asked.

“Lacking exactly twenty-seven days, four hours and nine minutes.” said Gene.

“And you are still laughing all the time?” They obliged by laughing again and nodded their heads in assent.

“What about laughter as n basis for a perfect marriage?” I persisted.

“Would you be making a noise like an interviewer?” Gene demanded.

“Well, why not? I might as well admit that I was pretty suspicious of all that sweetness and light published about you two a little over a year ago just before you were married. You sounded simply too happy to be true; but, after all, no people in your position stay married unless they really have a good time of it.

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Keeping Up With Hollywood: February 22, 1951

by Louella Parsons
February 21, 1951

Not since the stories that Shirley Temple was actually a dwarf and wasn’t a child actress, and that the real Mary Pickford had been dead for years and another actress was taking her place, have we had as ridiculous a fabrication as the one printed about Jeanette MacDonald.

A story in a Vienna newspaper says that Jennette MacDonald is in reality the child of elderly Austrian parents who still live there. I knew Jeanette’s mother, a wonderful women who died in 1947. Jeanette looks like her. Her father died several years ago—and whoever started the Austrian parents yarn certainly has a good imagination (or a bad one).

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Categorically Speaking

by Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy
June 1940

Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy are asked how one views the other. Much fun.

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Lovely Jeanette MacDonald Tells Her True Story

by Bernard MacFadden
True Story
May 1939

Her fascination and charm are no mere matters of chance. She cultivated and developed them. And she frankly revealed how to the publisher of True Story…

The enticement of a movie career is a magnet that is difficult to resist, many are called, but few are chosen. Thousands of fans seek fane and fortune offered by the movies, but the percentage of applicants who are finally able to climb the ladder of success is small indeed. Where one succeeds, hundreds fall by the wayside, and nearly every star in the movie firmament eagerly sought a film career.

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Jeanette Reconsiders

by Paul Marsh
Silver Screen
September 1947

JUST about five years ago an unusual incident occurred on the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer lot. There was little pattern for it, but nevertheless it happened. What was it? Very simple—a queen had given up her throne!

This may sound as though royalty was once again repeating its abdication routine, and in a way, it was true. However, the queen in this case was Jeanette MacDonald, who had reigned with unquestioned glory in her position as the top musical lady on the Culver City lot.

There wasn’t a multitude of rumblings at this decision, nor did Jeanette leave any ill-feeling behind her. The time had come, she said, for her to try her wings in other fields. In the back of her mind lurked this desire, and one bright morning, just after a final hike, she suddenly decided that now was the time to act!

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Has Jeanette MacDonald Outgrown Hollywood?

by Gordon Barrington
Motion Picture
September 1939

WHEN a magazine editor interviewed Jeanette MacDonald a few [weeks ago, she walked his legs off. I The editor drove to Jeanette’s front door, and expected to be invited inside. Instead, Gene Raymond’s very vital wife met him outside, hooked her arm in his, and hustled him off on a hike of the Bel Air district, whether he liked it or not. Jeanette walks a mile every evening, before she goes to bed. The last part of her walk is an uphill march. The prominent editor went back to his hotel steaming, dripping with perspiration, and very much out of breath.

There’s your picture of Jeanette, in a nut-shell. On the move. Anybody can sit down and sip Martinis and chatter. But why sit when you can be moving? That’s the way with her career, too. Her career moves. It forges forth, sometimes like a battleship, with long, even surges, sometimes like a toy balloon, taking off and zinging up into space with the freedom of the air, itself. Like the magazine editor, the people who follow its movements go home steaming, dripping wetand panting for breath.

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The Secret Gene Raymond Kept from Jeanette MacDonald

by Barbara Hayes
September 1937

I am still agape over the revelation of the most daring piece of deception ever perpetrated in Hollywood.
The author of it is Gene Raymond, the last person in the world I would have suspected of any such conniving. Yet for ten months—nearly a year, mind you!—Gene actually lived a double life as the mysterious ” Mr. John Morgan.”

In this audacious masquerade he succeeded not only in duping a town where nobody has ever been able to keep things under cover, but in hoodwinking his bride-to-be.

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Jeanette MacDonald Back: Singer Tells of Concert Tour of British Isles

by Eveleen Locke
Hollywood Citizen News
September 11, 1946
“After seeing how gallantly the British accept their very critical shortages, I’m not going to grouse about our American inconveniences any more–except maybe under my breath sometimes.”

It was golden-voiced Jeanette MacDonald speaking as she relaxed yesterday in her luxuriously furnished Bel Air Rd. home and discussed the six-weeks’ concert tour of the British Isles from which she had just returned.

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Pop Tunes Meaningless to Jeanette MacDonald

by Mary Ann Callan
Los Angeles Times
August 31, 1955

Millions of records spin to millions of pairs of ears in the United States each day but, asks one great, popular woman singer of not-so-long ago: Is it music? Does it have either rhyme or reason to be loved and whistled and hummed? And, more important, is it giving the younger generation a heritage rich in romance from the heartbeat of America?

Jeanette MacDonald, the beautiful redhead who made movie history in a successful series of musicals on the screen and one of the few women to fill the Hollywood Bowl as a feature concert artist says no.

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