Title: Jeanette MacDonald in Song
Label: RCA
Catalog Number: M642
Format: 10-inch, 78rpm
Release: 1937

When I Have Sung My Song (Charles)
Do Not Go My Love (Hageman)
Ave Maria (Bach)
Les filles de Cadix (Delibes)
Il était un roi de Thulé (Gounod)
Air des bijou (Gounod)
Annie Laurie (Lady Scott)
Comin’ Through the Rye (Anonymous)
Land of Sky Blue Waters (Cadman)
Let Me Always Sing 

Title: Smilin’ Through
Label: RCA
Catalog Number: M847
Format: 12-inch, 78rpm
Release: 1941

A Little Love, A Little Kiss (Silesu)
Smilin’ Through (Penn)
Ouvre Ton Coeur (Bizet)
The Kerry Dance (Molloy)
The Land of Hope and Glory (Benson)
Drink to Me Only to Thine Eyes (Anonymous)

Title: Up in Central Park
Label: RCA
Catalog Number: M991
Format: 10-inch, 78rpm
Release: 1945

Carousel in the Park (Romberg)
The Fireman’s Bride (Romberg)
Close as Pages in a Book (Romberg)
It Doesn’t Cost You Anything to Dream (Romberg)
The Big Back Yard (Romberg)
When You Walk in the Room (Romberg)

Title: Religious Songs
Label: RCA
Catalog Number: M642
Format: 10-inch, 78rpm
Release: 1945

Nearer My God to Thee (Mason)
Abide With Me (Monk)
Agnes Dei (Bizet)
The Holy City (Adams)
Oh Lord Most Holy (Franck)
Depuis Le Jour (Charpentier)

Title: Operetta Favorites
Label: RCA
Catalog Number: M1071
Format: 10-inch, 78rpm
Release: 1946

Romany Life (Herbert)
Sweethearts (Herbert)
They Didn’t Believe Me (Kern)
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (Kern)
Donkey Serenade (Friml)
Giannina Mia (Friml)

Title: Romantic Melodies
Label: RCA
Catalog Number: M1217
Format: 10-inch, 78rpm
Released: 1948

I’ll See You Again (Coward)
Zigeuner (Coward)
Summertime (Gershwin)
The Man I Love (Gershwin)
I Love You Truly (Bond)
A Perfect Day (Bond)
Romance (Debussy)
Beau Soir (Debussy)


Title: Favorites
Label: RCA
Catalog Number: WDM 1431
Format: 10-inch, 78rpm
Released: 1950
Reissued: 1953 on LP

Beyond the Blue Horizon (Whiting)
Ciribiribin (Pestalozza)
Les Filles de Cadix (Delibes)
Indian Love Call (Friml)
One Night of Love (Schertzinger)
Only A Rose (Friml)


Title: Romantic Moments
Label: RCA
Catalog Number: WDM 1489
Format: 10-inch, 78rpm
Release: 1951
Reissued: c. 1953 on LP

When You’re Away (Herbert)
Parlez Moi d’amour (Lenoir)
N’est-ce pas Poetique? (Rodgers)
Tonight Will Teach Me to Forget (Lehar)
Will You Remember? (Romberg)
San Francisco (Kaper)

Title: Cinderella
Label: RCA
Catalog Number: Y-327
Format: 10-inch, 78rpm

EPs and LPs

Title: Operetta Favorites (with Nelson Eddy)
Label: RCA
Catalog Number: LCT-16
Format: 45rpm
Released: 1952
Reissued: c. 1953 on LP
Note: Release of 30s recordings

I’m Falling in Love with Someone (Nelson) (Herbert)
Rose Marie (Nelson) (Friml)
Indian Love Call (Duet) (Friml)
Will You Remember? (Duet) (Romberg)
Farewell to Dreams (Duet) (Romberg)
Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life (Duet) (Herbert)
The Mounties (Nelson) (Friml)
Tramp, Tramp, Tramp (Nelson) (Herbert)



Title: Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy in Hi-Fi
Label: RCA
Catalog Number: LPM 1778
Format: 12-inch, 33 1/3
Released: 1958

Will You Remember? (Duet) (Romberg)
Rosalie (Nelson)
Giannina Mia (Jeanette) (Friml)
Rose-Marie (Nelson) (Friml)
Italian Street Song (Jeanette) (Herbert)
Indian Love Call (duet) (Friml)
Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life (Nelson) (Herbert)
The Breeze and I (Jeanette) (Lecuona)
While My Lady Sleeps (Nelson) (Kaper)
Wanting You (duet) (Romberg)
Stout-hearted Men (Nelson) (Romberg)
Beyond the Blue Horizon (Jeanette) (Whiting)

Title: Smilin’ Through
Label: RCA
Catalog Number: CAMDEN  CAL 325
Format: 12-inch, 33 1/3
Released: 1960
Note: Compilation songs released much earlier.

I’ll See You Again (Coward)
Italian Street Song (Herbert)
Vilia (Lehar)
Songs My Mother Taught Me (Dvorak)
Lover, Come Back To Me (Romberg)
One Kiss (Romberg)
Zigeuner (Coward)
Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes (Anonymous)
Parlez Moi D’Amour (Lenoir)
Ciribiribin (Pestalozza)
Smilin’ Through (Penn)
Ave Maria (Bach)



Title: Jeanette MacDonald Sings Songs of Faith and Inspiration
Label: RCA
Catalog Number: CAMDEN CAL 750
Format: 12-inch, 33 1/3
Released: 1963
Note: Compilation songs released much earlier.

The Holy City (Adams)
Angus Dei (Bizet)
Songs My Mother Taught Me (Dvorak)
Abide With Me (Monk)
Battle Hymn Of The Republic (Steffe)
Ava Maria (Bach)
Oh Lord Most Holy (Franck)
Nearer, My God, To Thee (Mason)
The Old Refrain (Kreisler)
Land Of Hope And Glory (Elgar)


Title: Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy (Vintage Series)
Label: RCA
Catalog Number: LPV-526
Format: 12-inch, 33 1/3
Released: 1965
Note: Compilation of songs released much earlier.

Title: Jeanette MacDonald Opera and Operetta Favorites
Label: RCA
Catalog Number: LM 2908
Format: 12-inch, 33 1/3
Released: 1967
Note: Compilation.

Title: Jeanette MacDonald Sings San Francisco and Other Silver Screen Favorites
Label: RCA
Catalog Number: Vic 1515
Format: 12-inch, 33 1/3
Released: 1970
Note: Compilation.

San Francisco
One Alone
Will You Remember
Ah ! Sweet Mystery Of Life
When You’re Away
Indian Love Call
Only A Rose
Beyond The Blue Horizon
One Night Of Love
Italian Street Song

Title: A Tribute to Jeanette
Label: OASI
Catalog Number: 594
Format: 12-inch, 33 1/3
Release: 1970s, year unknown
Note: Compilation. Includes all known RCA recordings that were never released as part of the above sets. If you have the above original albums and this set, you will have a complete set of Jeanette’s commercial recordings.

Record One

Dream Lover
March of the Grenadiers
Beyond the Blue Horizon
Always in All Ways
One Hour with You
We Will Always Be Sweethearts
Une heure pres de Toi
Coeur Contre Coeur
Love Me To-Night
Isn’t It Romantic?
Aimez-moi Ce Soir
N’est-ce pas Romantique

Record Two

Tonight Will Teach Me To Forget
Try to Forget
Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life
Pardon, Madam
Dear, When I Met You
When I Have Sung My Songs
Do Not Go, My Love
Annie Laurie
From the Land of Sky-Blue Water
Carousel in the Park
It Doesn’t Cost You Anything to Dream

Record Three

Close As Page sin a Book
The Fireman’s Bride
Where There is Love
If You Were Mine
Tes Yeux
A Little Love, A Little Kiss
Battle Hymn of the Republic
The Kerry Dance
The Man I Love
I Love You Truly
A Perfect Day
Beau Soir

Selection of CDs and Digital Albums

Much more to be found, but these contain rarer recordings or are of outstanding quality.

Title: Vick’s Open House vol. 1
Label: Cambria
Format: Mp3, streaming
Released: 2013
Availability: Presently available for digital download on Amazon and is on streaming services such as Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Google Play, and Amazon Unlimited. 

Disc One
Episode 1 (September 26, 1937)
Episode 19 (January 30, 1938)

Disc Two
Episode 3 (October 10, 1937)
Episode 4 (October 17, 1937)

Disc One

Episode 1 (26 September 1937)
Italian Street Song (Jeanette MacDonald)
Intro – Cricket Story (Jeanette MacDonald)
Carry me back to old Virginny (Jeanette MacDonald)
Giannina mia (Jeanette MacDonald)
Victor Herbert Melody (Studio orchestra)
Story by Jeanette MacDonald
Act I: Indian Love Call (Jeanette MacDonald)
Rose Marie (Jeanette MacDonald)
Comin’ thro the rye (Jeanette MacDonald)
Abide with me (Jeanette MacDonald)
Closing – Sweethearts (Jeanette MacDonald)

Episode 19  (30 January 1938)
Love Is Meant to Make Us Glad (Wilbur Evans)
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Jeanette MacDonald)
There Won’t Be Any Difference Between Usby (Wilbur Evans)
Songs my Mother Taught Me (Jeanette MacDonald)
I Am Roam Abode (Wilbur Evans)
Just A Little Love, A Little Kiss (Jeanette MacDonald)
Country Gardens (Studio Orchestra)
Il trovatore: Duet (Jeanette MacDonald)
Red Sails in the Sunset (Jeanette MacDonald)
Hawaiian Song (Jeanette MacDonald)
Farewell to Thee (Jeanette MacDonald)
Closing – Sweethearts (Jeanette MacDonald)

Disc Two

Episode 3 (10 October 1937)
Ah! Sweet mystery of life (Jeanette MacDonald)
Jeanette MacDonald Intro (Jeanette MacDonald)
Would You? (Jeanette MacDonald)
When I Grow Too Old to Dream (Jeanette MacDonald)
Jeanette MacDonald Story
The British Grenadiers (Jeanette MacDonald)
Sheep and Goat Walking Through the Pasture (Jeanette MacDonald)
Loch Lohmand (Jeanette MacDonald)
I have a true and noble lover (Jeanette MacDonald)
Home Sweet Home (Jeanette MacDonald)
Sweethearts: Closing – Sweethearts (Jeanette MacDonald)

Episode 4 (17 October 1937)
Farewell, My Love, Farewell Sung in English Faust
W. S. Van Dyke Introduction
Act III: Faust, Ah! je ris de me voir si belle
W. S. Van Dyke Introduction
Air des bijoux, Jewel Song (Jeanette MacDonald)
San Francisco (Jeanette MacDonald)
Mad Dogs and Englishmen (Wilbur Evans)
Nearer My God to Thee (Jeanette MacDonald)
Mighty Lak’ a Rose (Jeanette MacDonald)
Sweethearts (Jeanette MacDonald)

Title: Vick’s Open House vol. 2
Label: Cambria
Format: Mp3, streaming
Release: 2013
Availability: Presently available for digital download on Amazon and is on streaming services such as Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, and Google Play. 

Disc One
Episode 26 (March 20, 1938)
Episode 24 (March 6, 1938)

Disc Two
Episode 6 (October 31, 1937)
Episode 21 (February 13, 1938)