Jeanette on Television

Jeanette made her first television appearance on Novemeber 13, 1950 as a guest on The Voice of Firestone

What’s My Line?

MacDonald appeared as the mystery guest on “What’s My Line” on December 21, 1952. Her segment can be viewed over here. There was no escaping Kilgallen when Jeanette had to confess she had red hair.

The Name’s the Same

Jeanette appeared on The Name’s the Same where she chooses Bing Crosby as someone who she’d like to be on December 30, 1952. Her appearance can be found here.

This Is Your Life

Ralph Edwards honored Jeanette on This Is Your Life on September 13, 1953. The full show can be found here.

Lux Video Theatre

On December 20, 1956, Jeanette MacDonald made her first television appearance alongside Nelson Eddy on the Lux Video Theatre Christmas Special hosted by Gordon MacRae. According to the LA Times, Gordon MacRae persuaded the sponsers to allow him to “turn the hour into a gala songfest featuring hit songs from Motion Pictures from the past 25 years.” Jeanette and Nelson chose to sing “Will You Remember?” from Maytime. MacRae must have had to compromise a little, because the show also featured Phil Harris and Gordon MacRae singing “Rock Around the Clock.” Other stars featured were Shirley Jones and husband Jack Cassidy. Shirley sang Oklahoma! with MacRae and Cassidy. The show was featured in both color and black and white.

Jeanette and Nelson gave interviews prior to the show’s airing. When asked about his feud with Jeanette, Nelson said:

“There was never a feud. Sure, we had differences on the set. Almost every day, in fact. But that’s normal. I hear all kinds of stories like how Jeanette and I tried to out-sing each other. Ridiculous! We always recorded on separate microphones. It was up to the mixer which one of us sounded louder. Jeanette and I have entertained each other in our houses. We would often get around the piano and have some fun. It was out of such clowning that I developed the idea for the nightclub act [with Gale Sherwood].”

Associated Press by Bob Thomas, December 20, 1956 

Jeanette said:

“MGM still gets letters asking if we will work together again. I think it would be great if we did another movie.”


“People ask Nelson about his wife Jeanette, and fans call my husband, Gene Raymond, Nelson Eddy. Sometimes Gene goes along with the idea and signs his autographs Nelson Eddy. [Nelson and I] have always been good friends, but, well, it was never a romance.”

TV and Radio Chatter, December 20, 1956

Recently their performance of “Will You Remember?” was uploaded to YouTube. You can see them pass Gordon MacRae and Phil Harris as they go on.