by unknown author
Movie Stars Parade
February 1941

Being able to act your age isn’t always the easiest thing in the world for an actress. But Judy Garland is one of hte fortuante few who is going to be allowed to grow up on the screen, just as she is doing in real life. Which brings us inevitably to the problem of men in a girl’s life.

Up until now, she has been pals with a group of teenage boys, most of whom have veen in her various pictures. But Judy is now eighteen, and everyone knows that boys the same age are so much younger. So, in anticipation of her budding womanhood, the M-G-M studios are deftly letting her face the problems on the screen that girls her age come up against every day. In Strike Up The Band she had all the heartaches of a girl whose boy friend takes her for granted. In Little Nellie Kelly she acts a wife and her own daughter, and plays love scenes with George Murphy.

In her personal life, she has been thinking about marriage, as what girl hasn’t? Her most recent steady escort about town has been Dave Rose, musician-ex-husband of Martha Raye but those who profess to know her well say it will be a long while yet before the wedding bells ring out for Judy. We think so, too, for her mother doesn’t want her to marry too young and Judy adores her mother and has complete confidence in her parents’ judgment. So she calmly goes her way, having jam sessions with her gang or getting all dressed up in swank formal clothes for dates with older men. Having proven her ability as a singer, comedienne, dancer and dramatic actress, she has more than earned the right to her choice of Grade-A parts, and ace designer Adrian, who makes clothes only for top-flight stars, designs her Ziegfeld Girl wardrobe. The studio has given her biggest part to date in this picture where, in addition to her other talents, she has the opportunity to shine as a full-fledged glamour girl. You can be sure Judy will make the most of it.


Born: June 10, 1922, in Grand Rapids, Mich [Editor’s note: often her birthplace was printed as Grand Rapids, Michgan. It was in M-G-M’s general information file that they would give out to the press] Weight: 110 lbs.; Height: 5’3” [Editors note: Mmm hmm… in four inch high heels, maybe] Golden brown hair, wide brown eyes, rose-tan complexion. Real name is Frances Gumm. Toured in vaudeville with sisters before entertaining movies. Can’t read music, learning songs by ear. Is reguarded by composers and music publishers as one of the best “song pluggers” on the screen.