MGM News
July 9, 1945

Hollywood (Special)—There’s a cute little blonde in Hollywood whose pictures are pinned up as much as any, and yet the very G.I.’s who ask for those pictures say, “We like you because you’re not a Pin-Up Girl.”

Subject of this paradox is pert June Allyson.

Traditionally, service men are devoted to those motion picture femmes who qualify in the Peggy and Varga girl brackets, and it’s true that there are hundreds of thousands of super glamour pictures hung above bunks in battleships and in barracks all over the world. But all of the sudden, June has nosed into Hollywood’s first five for G.I fan mail—and she doesn’t get her thousands of letters on that type of appeal at all!

Petitely pretty

Of course she’s pretty but not “the knock ‘em dead” type of beauty. She has a trim, tiny figure with all the curves in the right places—but it’s never been displayed to it’s full advantage on the screen.

So what’s the secret of her appeal?

Her fans in service—and she’s a special favorite with the Air Corps—confide in her rather than attempt to make future dates. Repeatedly they write, “You’re the type woman with whom we can feel at ease, with whom we’d like to chat with over a coke.”

Typical American Girl

A B-29 pilot wrote, “I appreciate your picture very much…not because you are a movie actress, but a typical American girl… I just like to look at your picture and dream about the States and girls like you.” A Marine wrote, “Just before another attack your picture arrived autographed to our battalion. It was a symbol of the type of girls we are fighting for…We took our objective!” And a sailor in the South Pacific penned. “You make me think of the girls in my high school class.”

What does this all prove? Apparently, that the average G.I. is a regular guy who is more interested in the type of girl he wants to come home to than in an unapproachable super beauty.