December 6, 1933

Singer and Film actor Told He’ll ‘Get His’; Mother, in Alarm, Summons Police.

Disclosure that Nelson Eddy, famous operatic baritone and motion picture actor, had twice been threatened by an anonymous caller on Sunday night was made yesterday when it was learned that both the District Attorney’s office and the Hollywood police have been investigating the case.

News of the double threat against Hollywood’s most recently imported actor sensation was learned by The Examiner when police were dispatched to Eddy’s home at 619 North Foothill boulevard, Beverly Hills.

Mother Calls Police

Mrs. Isabel K. Eddy, mother of the young actor, reported the case to the Hollywood police when she became convinced the threats were not those of a practical joker. Fearing for her son’s safety, she asked the police to search the premises.

On Sunday night, according to Eddy, the first call came from a man who spoke in fluent and perfect English:

“I’m talking in behalf of someone from the East,” the stranger said, according to Eddy. “I’ve been told to tell you that something of a tragic nature is soon to befallyou. We don’t like you.”

Twice the man called that evening, warning Eddy that he was” soon to get his.” To Eddy’s inquiries the caller bluntly said:

“You know what it’s all about—so be careful in the meantime.”

Knows no Enemies

With Hollywood police already at work on the case, Blayney Matthews, chief of the District Attorney’s special investigators, was called into the inquiry early yesterday.

Eddy reported in detail to Matthews the anonymous caller’s threats, adding he knew of no enemies nor of any reason why anyone should wish to do him bodily harm.

“I’m not alarmed about the matter,” Eddy said, “but it has been a source of great worry to my mother, and I would like to track down the person who has threatened me.”

Because of Mrs. Eddy’s grave concern of the threats, Eddy has provided his mother with “someone in the house who will be amply able to take care of her in any emergency.”