Bing Crosby

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The History of Sound (Part 3)

Europe picked up the yen for syncing sound with film in 1896 and so continued the initial attempts to sync film with the phonograph. German filmmaker Oskar Messter invented the Tonbilder Biophone which connected the two and used electromagnetism to sync sound with...

The History of Sound (Part 2)

Mankind has always tried to find ways to broadcast information at a distance. Smoke signals would allow for gathering people to one specific spot as well as sending news or important information. There were carrier pigeons, beacons of light, horns as well as drums,...

The History of Sound

Most early sound films are completely forgotten, even overlooked by film historians. Usually any given history of the film musical starts with The Jazz Singer and nearly anything before it is excluded—even Al Jolson’s first film appearance in the Vitaphone short “The...

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